Coding Machine-Metal Detector-Check Weigher-Metal Separator Products

ALPHA XV Metal Detector CQ-910K

Automatic adjustment when power on, suitable for both wet and dry products, suitable for products with large product effects such as moisture, sugar, salt, etc., automatic phase balance function, effectively suppressing product effects, suitable for high sensitivity requirements Use, can store about 12 kinds of product testing data, colorful interaction between man and machine, date and time display, password to enter the system, multiple parameters can be adjusted, multiple language selection.


MiniDate Thermal Transfer Overprinter Model TTO3 / TTO5

MiniDate Thermal Transfer Over Printer on Vertical/Horizontal Packaging Machine or Feeder Machine.


MiniJet Handheld Inkjet Printer Model MJ-160

Simple Operation and Non-Maintenance.


MiniJet Inline Printer Model MJ-1L

· Easy installation and operation. No need training and maintenance. · Ink choice available: black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and invisible. · 2-12.7mm printing height and 1-5 printing lines to choose. · Print on any materials, at any angle, without ink leakage. · Software languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Thai, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese · Over 8G storage, could create and store up to 1,000 messages. · Print up to 2,000 characters per message (no limitation on message length). · Print any logo via USB. · Print on carton/box, glass, plastics, metal, concrete, pipe, boxes and more.