Manual/Semi Auto Labeling Machine Products

Carton Labeller/Pouch Bag Labeller CTL-270

Labeling Application : Apply to label on pouch, paper cardboard, plastic bag. The operator manually loads the product.



The L-Clip Label Sealer 20x20/40x40 applicator securely applies various widths of most types of packaging tape. The L-Clip 20x20/40x40 was designed with the operator in mind. Perfect for sealing all types of boxes and cartons. The operator places the product to be sealed on the table and pushes it, this actuates the machine and the desired length of tape is applied to the product. The L-Clip 20x20/40x40 accommodates up to 20/40 mm wide carton sealing label.



The L-Clip Tape Cutter securely applies various lengths and widths of most types of packaging tapes, perfect for sealing all types of chipboard boxes and cartons. The L-Clip Tape Cutter TC-50 is simple to use. The operator places the box to be sealed onto the platform of the machine and pushes the box forward against the upper pressure pad. This actuates the machine and the desired length of tape is securely applied. L-Clip Tape Cutter TC-50 is easily adjusted for tape length and width, requires no training or tools for tape changes, and has a small table top design which allows it to be used anywhere it is needed.


Label Boy 1 LB-150

The Label Boy 1 applicator will put a label onto virtually any round product. Can label front and back label. The LB-150 uses a three roller system, pinching the product accurately to ensure a smooth rotation and application or the label. Simply place a bottle, can or jar into the adjustable cradle, the press roller will automatically push down to start the labeling cycle. Transparent labels can be used with this applicator.



Perfect for applications where the quantity of labels needs to be confirmed such as; label manufacturers, pharmaceutical or medical applications where the number of labels is used as a security measure and for piecemeal workers. Label Counter LC-100 will quickly and accurately count the number of labels on a roll or count out a pre-determined number of labels for hand-out to an operator. This unit is easy to use, has quick release chucks for easy and fast label changeover, digital controls and a small table top design.



Label dispenser Model SH-414D peels, releases, and advances all types of labels. This machine is simple to operate and use. When an operator removes one label the next one is automatically dispensed. Label changeover or adjustments for sizes require no tools and no operator training is necessary. High-speed motor and digital state of the art components, including a delay timer and label counter, large roll capacity, high speed motor, heavy duty construction, and automatic re-winder are all features of this machine.


Label Press LPC-100

The LPC-100 Label Press will put a label onto any product using its pressed function on the top of the cup, boxes or any other products that want to label on the top surface.



Label Rewinders wind up labels into a roll as they come out of a printer. If you don’t use a Rewinder, you have to gather up the labels by hand once the printing job is finished. A Rewinder is much more convenient and saves you time. LRU-110 has made these quiet, easy-to-use, with core adapter and label guides.