Product : SOLO Wrap Around Vertical Side Belt Labeling Machine

- Locally designed and fabricated utilizing technology from Japan branded PLC controller and stepper motor.
- Heavy duty profile conveyor system designed motor driven by inverter controller.
- Can be attached Top stabilizing conveyor system, Pneumatic device for orientation wrap-around labeling and etc.
- Suitable for 1 side, full wrap-around for a round bottle, corner and 3 sides for square bottle labeling.
- PLC control system provides user-friendly operation for adjustment labeling speed, label length, label positioning by setting timer delay, and etc.
- The applicator can be tilted and sheared for misalignment labeling.
- Built with simplicity, reliability and low maintenance.

- Label finish alarm buzzer
- Label break
- Label gap sensor fault

- Power Source: AC230/50HZ/13A
- Dispensing Speed: 18M/Min
- Wrap-Around Labeling: 40-60pcs/Min (Dia. 60 between product distance 300mm)
- Accuracy: +/- 1mm (depend on product shape consistency)
- Label Size: Max height 120mm x length 207mm (can be set)
- Dimension: 1000(W) x 1300(H) x 1950mm(L)
- Machine Weight: Approx. 180Kg

- HMI system