Product : Solo Compact Wrap Around Labeling Machine

- Round glass bottle

Machine Direction     
- Left To Right

- This side labeling machine (attachment type) is designed for economy multiple uses, mainly on the side, such as barcode labels, food label products, symbols, and graphics, etc.
- Easily to operate, low maintenance and mainly designed to reduce mechanical contact
- Best choice with high speed and high accuracy also can be used in a completed production line.
- The labels positioning can be delayed from front to back by digital timer delay and height/width of the applicator can be easy to adjust by turning the hand wheel
- Fast and Easy Feeding

- Power : AC220V 50Hz/60HZ
- Control Systems : PLC (JAPAN)
- Dispenser Speed : 2-10M/Minute
- Production Output : 60-100 (product length 100mm)
- Driver : Stepper Motor Oriental (JAPAN)
- Sensor : Fiber Optic (JAPAN)
- Machine Size : (L)400MM X (W)500MM X (H)600MM
- Machine Weight : Approx. 30KGS
- Air Pressure : NIL
- Label Length : Min. 15-200MM
- Label Width : Max. 80MM
- Label Reel Inner : Ø76MM
- Label Reel Outer : Ø180MM
- Label Distance : MIN 2MM
- Label Accuracy : +/- 1MM