Product : SOLO Bottom Labeling Machine

- This top labelling machine (attachment type) is designed for economy multiple use, mainly on top, such as barcode labels, food label products, symbols and graphics, etc.
- Easily to operate, low maintenance and mainly designed to reduce mechanical contact
- Best choice with high speed and high accuracy also can be used in a completed prodection line.
- The labels positioning can be delays from front to back by digital timer delay and height/width of applicator can be easily to adjust by turning the hand wheel
-Fast and Easy Feeding

- Machine Type : BL-12SP-NN-VA12-L
- Product Moving Direction (Rotate) : Left to Right
- Applicator Mounting Base : Horizontal Rotated Device
-Vertical & Horizontal axis shaft : Dia. 25 x 500mm & Dia. 25 x 400mm
- Driver : Stepper Motor Oriental (JAPAN)
- Sensor : Fiber Optic (JAPAN)
- Conveyor Model : Assy-20W100L-CVYBGB-TOP-1_PUN-K
- Unwinder Acrylic : Ø300-Hologram Type
- Conveyor Profile Type : 85MM (H) x 250MM (W) x 1260 MM (L)
- Product Sensor (X0) : Min 15-200MM
- Label Gap Sensor(1)-X1 : Di-Soric (OGUTI 005/50 FG3K-TSSL)
- Stepper Motor Type : PKP264 SG18
- Conveyor Motor Type : Panasonic 1 Phase 40w/ratio 12.6
- Cabinet Table Top (L x W x H) : 24"(L) x 20''(W) x 8''(H)- Epoxy
- Control System : Standard All In One-V11