Product : ALPHA XV Can and Pail Labeling Machine

Technical parameter:
- Dispensing speed 28m/min.
- Servo Side Labelling Applicators.
- Stainless Steel Cabinet (Electrical Enclosure).
- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel frame with Plastic Top Chain Conveyor
- 4 Sets Single Motorized Wrap / Orientation Device.
- 1 Set Pneumatic Pail's Handle lifter device.
- 1 Set Pneumatic Brush Pusher device.
- Product : Metal - Round Pail, Square Can and Rectangle Can.
- Stainless Steel Infeed Buffer Tray.
- Heavy Duty Aluminium Flat Belt Conveyor.
- Pneumatic Product spacer device.
- Top Stabilizer Device.
- Dimension approx. : 4500(L) x 2000(W)X 1500(H) MM

Parts Configuration:
- Mitsubishi PLC Control System, High stable operation and extremely low failure rate.
- Mitsubishi Inverter with sophisticated speed control setting (multiple frequency setup function).
- 10' Delta HMI touch screen, rich with help function and fault display function.
- 7'' Delta HMI touch screen, rich with help function and fault display function.
- Germany Di-Soric check label gap sensor, automatic check label station, stable and convenient don’t have much higher requirement for the worker skill.
- Wenglor BGS Reflex Product sensor for reliable and precise detection.
- Riko Fiber Optic Orientation Sensor with Digital Amplifier.
- Delta High-Power Servo Control System with E-Cam Driver, Stable with High Speed and Synchronized Label Dispense.
- Delta 400Watts High-power motor servo control system with E-Cam Driver and NMRV Gearbox for Top Stabilizer Conveyor Device .
- Autonic Master Encoder for synchronizing output precision pulse .
- Panasonic AC Induction motor for silicone drive roller wrap around and orientation device .
- Nissei's 200Watts heavy duty Conveyor assembly motor with gearhead .
- Oriental's 60Watts Speed Control motor for Flat Belt Conveyor with gearhead and Speed Control.

- Label low/finish alarm buzzer.
- Label break.
- Label gap sensor fault.
- Equipped with Emergency button.